dr. Stefan Mathe

, Bosch

Automated Driving: Bridging the Gap between Fundamental and Applied Research

Automated driver assistance systems represent a continuously growing field
in the automotive industry. By assisting the driver in various situations, they
increase comfort and, especially, safety, by supporting the driver in critical
situations that require rapid and safe action. The field provides a
well-funded environment for developing the first mass-produced intelligent and, in the
end, fully autonomous robot: the car. Here, fundamental research algorithms are
challenged to meet the hard corner-case scenarios of the real world. After an
overview of Bosch activities in the video-based driver assistance systems and
functions, we highlight some of the appealing, albeit difficult, problems
that arise when developing series-level embedded automated driving solutions. The
need for a principled approach to these problems reveals a gap between fundamental
and applied research. This opens the path for future collaborations between the
industrial and academic communities.