Sándor József Fejér

Sándor graduated from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca in 2005 with a degree in Automation and Industrial Informatics and then completed his Master’s degree in Automation Systems at the Technical University of Timisoara. After a short experience in automotive and building automation, since 2008, he has been a software developer at Egnosis, Sfântu Gheorghe. Besides developing enterprise software, he is involved in research projects in the field of medical informatics.

Presentation: Federated machine learning: the FeatureCloud platform from concept to deployment

Regulations to protect personal data can be a barrier to medical research, especially in cases where you want to perform machine learning on a dataset from several clinics in different countries. The presentation will show how the FeatureCloud platform that enables federated, decentralized machine learning, provides a key solution.

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