Csaba Tamás

Csaba Tamás is currently working as a strategic consultant at Amazon Web Services, a leading cloud service provider in Berlin, working with so-called Digital Native customers. In his work, he supports clients in increasing their competitiveness by exploiting the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence and Big Data. Prior to that, he worked as CTO and Product Director at a FinTech startup in Germany and as Head of Digital Product Development at an Austrian multinational.

Plenary presentation:  The impact of artificial intelligence on the future of work

According to a consensus among various analysts, artificial intelligence could transform a third of jobs in Europe and the US in some form within the decade. In the long term, this process could lead to positive economic growth, but in the short time, it could also threaten the livelihoods of individuals. According to analysts, accountants, bankers, marketers, and legal and financial advisers could be the most affected, but IT engineers could also be involved. This presentation will look at what generations of engineers who are likely to face the transformative impact of AI in their careers need to prepare for.

Tech presentation: Extending DevOps practice towards Platform Engineering

DevOps has accelerated development and software release processes over the last decade and a half. A new process, called Platform Engineering, is now trying to address the challenges that have arisen in the meantime. Csaba Tamás, strategic consultant, will give a short introduction to this.

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