Supercharge your data analytics with BigQuery ML

Sep 28, 2019


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Supercharge your data analytics with BigQuery ML
Google Developer Expert at
Host: Kozma István

Powering interactive data analysis require massive architecture, and Know-How to build a fast real-time computing system. BigQuery solves this problem by enabling super-fast, SQL-like queries against petabytes of data using the processing power of Google’s infrastructure. We will cover its core features, creating tables, columns, views, working with partitions, clustering for cost optimizations, streaming inserts, User Defined Functions, and several use cases for everyday developer: funnel analytics, behavioral analytics, exploring unstructured data.

The other part will be about BigQuery ML, which enables users to create and execute machine learning models in BigQuery using standard SQL queries. BigQuery ML democratizes machine learning by enabling SQL practitioners to build models using existing SQL tools and skills. BigQuery ML increases development speed by eliminating the need to move data.

  • Kodok Márton

  • Kozma István (Panel Host)

    Enetix Software srl.

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