János Kovács

As Business Development Manager, János Kovács plays a key role in the development and implementation of the growth strategy of Kovács Trade Company. He has several years of experience in business development and has led several successful projects for the company. He has an excellent knowledge of modern industrial trends and technologies, especially in the field of robotics and automation. He is also committed to promoting technological innovations and opportunities in Transylvania and Szeklerland. In his presentations, he combines his professional knowledge and passion to show how these innovations can transform local industry and economy.

Presentation: Szeklerland in the 21st Century: robotics innovations and opportunities

The industrial revolution of the 21st century did not escape Szeklerland. In this presentation, we will show how robotics and automation can transform the region’s industrial and intralogistics sectors. We will examine the benefits of robotic industrial solutions and the opportunities offered by autonomous robots in intralogistics. From the picking to the moving and sorting, we will show how these technologies can make local companies more efficient and competitive.

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