Szilárd Molnár

Szilárd Molnár graduated from the ELTE Institute of Sociology as a research sociologist and is currently the professional leader of the CédrusNet Kecskemét Programme and the Kecskemét Digital Knowledge Centre. The CédrusNet Kecskemét program on aging won the Social Innovation of the Year Hungarian Award in 2022. His main research areas are the information society, the digital divide and aging societies. In 2009, he was awarded the Professional Medal for the Information Society by the Office of the Prime Minister for his achievements in research on the digital divide in Hungary. He is also involved in the work of several social organizations: he is currently the President of the Hírös Cédrus Association and a board member of the Magyary Zoltán e-Government Association. He is an expert on the Hungarian National Council for Telecommunications and Information Technology.”

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