Dr. Ákos Nagy

Ákos Nagy was born in Budapest in 1990. He studied at the Budapest University of Technology, where he became interested in robotics during his undergraduate studies. Later he participated in the Eurobot international robot competition and also in the local RobonAUT competition. Since then, he has been an active organiser of the 15th RobonAUT competition, which was organised for the 15th time this year, and is an adjunct professor in the organising department (BME-AUT). Besides his university work, he is also active in industry in the field of embedded software development and electronic signatures.

Presentation: Fifteen years of BME VIK’s annual RobonAUT competition

RobonAUT is the robot competition of BME VIK, which has a history of more than a decade and a half. The presentation will give an insight into the history of the competition and its fundamental role in education.

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