Dr. András Botond Fecső

Dr. András Botond Fecső MD PhD FRCSC, a university surgeon, lecturer and researcher from Odorheiu Secuiesc, who completed his medical training at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Târgu Mures. He started his medical internship in Târgu Mures and continued his surgical training in Debrecen and Berettyóújfalu. From there, he moved to Canada, where he studied general surgery and obtained a PhD in surgical education at the University of Toronto. After his surgical residency, he pursued further specialization in laparoscopic and bariatric surgery and therapeutic endoscopy. His clinical practice focuses on minimally invasive surgery, therapeutic endoscopy, and enhancing the synergy between surgery and endoscopy. His academic and research interests focus on education, practice and coaching in the operating room and endoscopic unit, and innovation in surgical and bariatric endoscopy. In addition to his professional commitments, he is actively involved in the Hungarian community in Canada, including as Vice President of the Hungarian House of Toronto and in other organizations as Director of Health Relations, working to develop and strengthen Canadian-Hungarian relations in the health domain.

Presentation: Using technology in the surgical operating room – for education, teamwork, efficiency

Using technology, an environment in the operating block can be analyzed that has not been available before. The functioning and cooperation of the individual and the teams in the operating theatre can be assessed, optimized, and used for educational purposes, and both technical and non-technical skills can be enhanced. The use of technology can also maximize the efficiency of theatre utilization.

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