Dr. Zoltán Bálint

Zoltán Bálint is a physicist researcher and university lecturer from Odorheiu Secuiesc, specializing in automatic solutions for medical image analysis and cell biophysics research. At the Institute of Biomolecular Physics, Faculty of Physics, BBTE, his main research interest is the development of diagnostic support systems based on the analysis of medical data and images and patient sample analysis. The advantages of rapidly evolving intelligent algorithms are used to develop these tools. He works closely with physicians and informaticians to develop systems that facilitate the early detection and categorization of diseases. He is also interested in cellular and DNA-level biomolecular changes associated with diseases and novel screening strategies for diagnosing various diseases.

Presentation: Automatic algorithms can assist cancer diagnosis

This presentation will show the automation possibilities in medical imaging. We will discuss the development of decision support tools used in imaging diagnostics, their limitations and practical applications. We will also discuss, through some examples, the potential of automated detection of image features for pathological lesions. Finally, we will show how developments in computer image analysis using intelligent algorithms could shape the new digital era of radiology.

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