Júlia Véglesi

Julia Veglesi graduated from University College London with a degree in Economics in 2018. She embarked on her career journey at Citibank in Budapest, where she cultivated expertise in green project financing, sovereign bond issuance, and credit risk assessment as a Corporate & Investment Banking Analyst. Transitioning to the realm of social impact finance, she served as an Investment Manager at Impact Ventures, a pioneering Central and Eastern European (CEE) social impact fund.

Julia’s present role finds her at the cutting edge of sustainable finance, working with a London-based startup Richmond Global Sciences. In a partnership with the Harvard Business School, she spearheads the development of software- and AI-based ESG (environmental, social, and governance) analytics tools, enabling investors and corporate decision-makers to make responsible and sustainable capital allocations.

Julia is a TEDx speaker, she presented her talk, ‘The Price of Everything,’ in November 2022. Beyond her professional achievements, she is serving as the President of the Hungarian Association of British Alumni, dedicated to building connections among alumni and fostering professional development. In her leisure time, Julia is an enthusiastic triathlete, embodying a well-rounded and dynamic approach to life.

Presentation: The green light in Fintech

Join us on a special journey through the world of Fintech, where we will explore the basics and complexities of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance). Let’s explore together how ESG is becoming not only a cool trend, but also a valuable asset for investors and companies, and examine the impact of the regulatory environment. We’ll delve deeper into how ESG is shaping new financial and technological solutions and learn about the key players in this dynamic space. A relaxed and inspiring talk in a panel that’s guaranteed to get you thinking in new ways.

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