Kristóf Tamás

Since 2017, Kristóf has been involved in over 200 penetration testing and vulnerability assessment projects (web, infrastructure, mobile and desktop applications, OT and IoT devices) and 50+ incident management and malware analysis projects. He graduated as a Computer Engineer from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and has since obtained CREST, GIAC and OSCP certifications. So far, he has participated in more than 100 CTF competitions (sometimes as an organizer).

Presentation: Tales of the…’ – stories from the world of incident management

Real-life case studies and lessons learned in incident management and digital forensics from the experts at Ukatemi. We welcome everyone interested in what you can do in the first minutes-hours-days after a successful cyber-attack to this in-depth technical presentation. Topics: phishing, ransomware, file recovery, malware analysis.

Workshop: Web hacking 101

Ukatemi’s experts will present the most common web vulnerabilities and how to detect them (including the OWASP top 10). With real examples, demonstrations and exercises prepared for workshop participants. IMPORTANT! Participants are kindly requested to bring their own laptop + Kali Linux (it has all the tools we plan to use pre-installed).

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